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Mini farm and seasonal housing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky


4 miles (9 mins) from PMRP climbing area, 3 miles (14 mins) from Miller Fork. 


With Hot Pink Homestead you can have comfortable housing that includes.....

...solid WIFI and cell phone service...

...drinking water filtered through a Berkey filter...

...use of our recycling system + food scrap composting system...

...access to a veggie garden + farm animals... 

We offer stays that range in length from 2 nights to 3 months. The host lives on-site along with a cat, dog + chickens. You can expect there to be 1-8 other visitors on the property during your stay: a great way to meet other travelers and to find climbing partners!

Check out our rental options below. We hope you can join us!

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Hi! I'm Rachel, owner and manager of Hot Pink Homestead.


I have spent my 20s farming, gardening, living in community and exploring various places around the United States, Thailand and Mexico. In my 30s I moved to the Red River Gorge and worked with various small businesses in the short term rental industry. With my past learnings in mind, I've created a comfortable, colorful, affordable place for climbers and travelers to rest between adventures.


I am a caretaker and an artist. It's important to me to take good care of the house, property, plants, animals and guests. It's also very fun for me to be orchestrating this dynamic art project! I love continually improving the functional design of the space and playing with colors, art and lighting. Check out our four rental options above.


Beyond hosting, I intend to spread the values and skills of land stewardship, connection to the Earth, functional community living and nurturing one's best self. I encourage you to follow us on Instagram to see photos of our projects and to read our stories + philosophies: @hotpinkhomestead .

If you have any comments or questions about this project, I'd love to chat! You can send me a message through the contact form below... Or give me a call or send an email: 513-620-4023,

Many many blessings on your journey, 



Welcome home! Warm and full of life. The Hotpink Homestead feels like a vortex that attracts colorful guests and critters alike. This company made for a uniquely memorable stay, beyond just enjoying the comforts and amenities of an affordable AirBnB that happens to exist minutes away from world class climbing and the beautiful sandstone arches, forest, & clifty wilderness of the Red River Gorge. The host has taken lengths to provide a clean, organized, and thoughtful experience the guests, without stifling the character of her home or the vision for her modest farm. I will be booking well in advance for the next visit.

-Josh, November 2022

This place is awesome and perfect for our mini getaway. A 5 minute drive to trails, great food, and beautiful scenery. The Hot Pink Homestead is so cute, wonderfully decorated and very quiet. Rachel does a wonderful job welcoming you and making you feel comfortable. Bella, the on-site dog, is so sweet and taxes you a tummy rub, Poppy is a wonderful and sweet surprise 😊. The space is clean, spacious and minimally decorated giving a very simple and comfortable atmosphere. There is plenty of storage with a dresser, a bedside table and a desk to do any work you may need to. The bathroom is clean and has everything you may need, along with the kitchen and fridge space for drinks or leftovers from local establishments. I would highly recommend if you're looking for a quick getaway!

-Lori, July 2022

Read no further – this your a best choice for short-term and long-term stay. The space is extremely well organized, and Rachel was an extremely friendly and accommodating host during my stay. Hot Pink Homestead is a place with some personality, and it’s a good one for a change! It has a couple porches with swings to hang out when you want to be outside, quiet and cozy living room. The pets are very sweet and gentle. There a few places to go for a nice walk, if you are into that. The owner is constantly looking to improve and expand, I will be sure to follow their updates on @hotpinkhomestead on IG.

-Duma, July 2022

Just the place you need for a comfortable and quiet stay. Place is clean and beautifully decorated, host is very friendly and accommodating. Great place to stay when visiting the area or just passing through. Would recommend.

-Jason, June 2022


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